Dear Ministry Partner,

God has been so good us!!! Since January 27th, we have partnered with the Holy Spirit to reach out to the Mid-City Community. This ride has been full of adventure. We must admit that we feel so privileged that He would grant us this opportunity. It is an honor to be used by Him!!!!

Ministry Update  January – August 2009

  • Established Weekly Outreach in Mid-City New Orleans at Panache 119 South Broad Street (Now at 31 weeks!!!)
  • Co-Sponsored RCS Abstinence Club…Purity Vow Ceremony- Financial Donation for Rings, Honorarium & Gifts for Speakers, Musical Accompaniment by Keiko Komaki
  • Financial Donation to Fresh Fountain Kenya- ministry dedicated to helping the poor in the remote parts of the country.
  • Ministered to Homeless & Addicted in the community
  • Provided resource for homeless families via Pastor Connie Thomas
  • Partnered to Provide Weekly Meals for the Hungry
  • Pre-Production on Affirmations for Men – an inspirational affirmations audio tool to encourage young men on their journey to spiritual wholeness. Sound Service Studios in Slidell
  • Counseled and Prayed with struggling youth and families.
  • Maintained 2 Part-Time Staff Bro. “CC” Clark (security)  and Chris Mason (music & sound)

 Upcoming Ministry Assignments  September – December 2009

  • Establish effective intercessory base with a PrayerWatch Agenda
  • Final Production of Affirmations for Men
  • The Prayers of Faith Series- The Healing Project
  • Expand weekly outreach through prayer and invitation
  • Birth Monthly Community PrayerWalk
  • Increase Donations both financially and in-kind to support the vision
  • Pray for and Minister to 50 Families in the New Orleans Metro Area
  • Develop Weekly Ministry Blog

For More Information on how you can help us please email us  or log on to