I truly wish all of you could have been there. We did a Community PrayerWalk last Saturday (Katrina Anniversary) at Broad and Canal. It was a great blessing. Bro CC is gonna talk about it more tonight but I had to tell you about the great things God did for us. I think we were more blessed than the people we ministered to. There is JOY in serving God!!!

We started out that morning with one agenda. That was to pray for the community we were serving each week. Simple agenda but a Godly agenda.

We did not get 10 feet on our journey before our mandate came alive. Willy (a guy we prayed with some weeks back) stopped to talk to us. This was the most sober I had ever seen him. He told us -about how the Holy Spirit’s conviction was working on Him. This was a long way from the intoxicated, weeping Willy that we met weeks ago. He told us about his girlfriend, who is a college-educated pan handler. She was on the corner begging for food and money. I don’t know how she got there, but I know that God loves her too. She didn’t have time pray with us but she spoke and kept at her hustle. He followed us a bit along with a couple of other guys we ministered to on Tuesdays. It was something to see. One of them, Marty, was testifying about how he is now seeing changes in his life. So do we! Marty comes every Tuesday Night with bible in his hand. I first met him in February. He was not a happy camper. In fact, the first time he came to worship with us, he balled up his fist as if he were going to hit me. (Pray for us!! This is spiritual war!) He continued to come and has now accepted God is His heart, is committed to minister to other homeless men and is now working washing windows. When we met him, he had no job and was full of anger. This man walked with us Saturday, testifying about the goodness of God!!!! In all, we prayed with 15 people. It’s a blessing to know that God allowed us the honor of praying with and for His people. Our last prayer of the day was with a man who jumped off his bike and ran in our prayer circle. He told us he had been watching us walk and pray for people. He decided he wanted some of “the action” on his way to work. Hallelujah!!! Look what happens when we show up on the scene. Prayer is Contagious!!! I pray you catch it!!