Last night as we served food, one of the men told me he wanted to give me something. He said that he was now working and soon to be paid. He wanted to give a donation to our ministry. I was so touched. Merely because he use to ask us for money all the time. Now, he wants to give so we can help somebody else. He is truly changing before our eyes. It’s God in him that’s making the difference. I have watched him these past months. It’s just consistent love that he needs. He needs to know that we will be there each week. As he says, we have grown to be family to him. We are there to give a smile, a hug, a prayer and some grub. He comes an hour early and is usually one of the last to leave. How can a homeless man be so generous?! When a heart is touched, it wants to touch other hearts. This man invites people to come each Tuesday Night. He and his other homeless buddies sit and fellowship with us. He is now a spokesperson for our work in that community. Like the woman with at the well in the bible (John 4), he says “come see a Man.” That man of course is Jesus in us. These other men trust us a little more because of this one man’s testimony. I am touched by the fact that he wants to do something. It should make us all take an inward look and see if our giving is where it should be. It is truly more blessed to give than to receive.