Saxophonist, Byron Bernard, stopped by this week. He played a song that took me back. Way back to my grandma’s church on Hickory Street. The song, I’m Satisfied, was a popular one there. The chorus makes tears run down my face everytime.

CHORUS: I’m Satisfied| I’m Satisfied| I’m Satisfied with Jesus | But the question comes to me as I think on Calvary| Is my Master satisfied with me?

In this time where everybody is trying to “get theirs” and look out for “number one”, my heart pounds with the same question of the songwriter. God, are you satisfied with me? Are satisfied with my life? With how I follow Your statutes? With how I treat my neighbors, my family? Are the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart acceptable to you? Even before God answers, we know the truth. God uses the Holy Spirit to convict these hearts of ours. My satisfaction is only found in God. He is my portion. He is my cup. (Psalm 16) He is my fulfillment. I just pray that I continue to strip myself of myself and take on a heart attitude and actions that fulfill His desires for my life. I want God to be satisfied!!! I want Him to smile when He looks my way. I want Him to say “This is my beloved daughter in whom I am well-pleased”. I want God to be satisfied. How about you?