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On Tuesday, August 3rd, we were out on the streets!!! It was the annual Night Out Against Crime so we decided to take our outreach outside. It was a blessing to see so many people out on that night. Thank God for the team who helped pray for the homeless and hurting. It was an honor to have the brothers interceding for the men on the streets. It is so good to know men who aren’t afraid to pray and cry with others. They are so genuine. We served about 50 people. Glory to God!!!

Remember we are still needing volunteers to help us on Tuesday Nights!!! We are in Mid-City New Orleans each week. I pray you consider volunteering or sending a financial contribution to help make a difference in somebody’s life. People Still Need the Lord!!!

Julien and Ruth DeBeau

Julien and Ruth DeBeau

Ms. Ruth took the microphone Tuesday with one message…”I have decided to follow Jesus”. I started the song but she ended it with only the fervor a 68 year old prayer warrior could bring. You see every morning she wakes up, spends time in God’s presence and then moves about her day being a blessing to others. I cannot imagine ministering without her in my corner. She is no fairweather friend. Neither is she a fairweather Christian. Everything about her exudes consistency.

She is always determined to help. Always determined to give of herself and always determined to let people know that God is so worth serving. I pray we all take a few lessons from Ms. Ruth, a woman who always shows us that Prayer, Power and Persistence go hand in hand.

Song: I have decided to follow Jesus|I have decided to follow Jesus| I have decided to follow Jesus| No turning Back| No Turning Back

By Tara Alexander

Jesus talked with the disciples at supper one night. He told the parable of a man who had invited people to come to a feast. In their culture, invitations were given weeks or days in advance. In addition, at the time of the event, a messenger would let them know that the feast was about to begin. In Luke 14:18-20, the invited guests made excuses of why they could not come. One said he bought land that he needed to see, the other that he bought oxen he needed to test and the other man asked to be excused because he was a newlywed. The sad part was that these men had already accepted the invitation. (In comparison, how many of us have accepted God’s invitation and then not delivered when he asked us to do something?) Later on in that chapter, the man tells his messenger to go out and find the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind and invite them to the feast. They fill the place.

So many times we concentrate on who we know to cater to but there is a whole heap of people who need our sustenance. The people who filled the place were more in need than the people who were originally invited. Of course they could not afford a banquet ticket, but Jesus said that when we have a feast, those are the people we should invite. We should invite people who cannot pay us back or people we may have to carry into the banquet hall. You may say, well who’s gonna pay for the meal? The bible says when we give to the poor, we lend to the Lord. God will give us what we need to accomplish every good work. There is no excuse. We should minister more to the people who are poor, needy and broken. They are the ones who really appreciate the invitation anyway. They are the ones who want to come in so badly but initially may have not been invited. Oh but when God makes an invitation, He invites the brokenhearted, the sick, the mourners. Let’s make it our business to show up at the feast, not just to eat but to serve the King (Our Lord Jesus) and His real guests of honor.

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This is an excerpt from message on Tuesday, September 8th.

Saxophonist, Byron Bernard, stopped by this week. He played a song that took me back. Way back to my grandma’s church on Hickory Street. The song, I’m Satisfied, was a popular one there. The chorus makes tears run down my face everytime.

CHORUS: I’m Satisfied| I’m Satisfied| I’m Satisfied with Jesus | But the question comes to me as I think on Calvary| Is my Master satisfied with me?

In this time where everybody is trying to “get theirs” and look out for “number one”, my heart pounds with the same question of the songwriter. God, are you satisfied with me? Are satisfied with my life? With how I follow Your statutes? With how I treat my neighbors, my family? Are the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart acceptable to you? Even before God answers, we know the truth. God uses the Holy Spirit to convict these hearts of ours. My satisfaction is only found in God. He is my portion. He is my cup. (Psalm 16) He is my fulfillment. I just pray that I continue to strip myself of myself and take on a heart attitude and actions that fulfill His desires for my life. I want God to be satisfied!!! I want Him to smile when He looks my way. I want Him to say “This is my beloved daughter in whom I am well-pleased”. I want God to be satisfied. How about you?

Last night as we served food, one of the men told me he wanted to give me something. He said that he was now working and soon to be paid. He wanted to give a donation to our ministry. I was so touched. Merely because he use to ask us for money all the time. Now, he wants to give so we can help somebody else. He is truly changing before our eyes. It’s God in him that’s making the difference. I have watched him these past months. It’s just consistent love that he needs. He needs to know that we will be there each week. As he says, we have grown to be family to him. We are there to give a smile, a hug, a prayer and some grub. He comes an hour early and is usually one of the last to leave. How can a homeless man be so generous?! When a heart is touched, it wants to touch other hearts. This man invites people to come each Tuesday Night. He and his other homeless buddies sit and fellowship with us. He is now a spokesperson for our work in that community. Like the woman with at the well in the bible (John 4), he says “come see a Man.” That man of course is Jesus in us. These other men trust us a little more because of this one man’s testimony. I am touched by the fact that he wants to do something. It should make us all take an inward look and see if our giving is where it should be. It is truly more blessed to give than to receive.

It’s hard to win the world when your own family is not what it should be. I shared last night on how it should be our goal to want our families healed and whole. In the book of Nehemiah, we learn that Nehemiah was 600 miles away from Jerusalem but was saddened by the fact that the walls of the city were not rebuilt. The children of Israel were living in an unfortified city for 100 years. Under Nehemiah’s leadership, inspite of  intense opposition, the walls were rebuilt in 52 days.

Think about it. Just like Nehemiah, our hearts should ache when home is not what it should be. However, many times we think it’s too impossible to rebuild the walls in our families. Our homes may be in ruin but yet we look at the ruins and think that it’s too impossible to fix. Get the Nehemiah attitude. Get one hand on a brick and the other hand on your sword (the Word of God) and get to work on the walls of your family. Don’t let the enemy steal another relationship. Steal another child of yours. Don’t let him wreak havoc in your life. Rebuilding your walls may take an “I’m Sorry” or an “I love you”. Rebuilding your walls may mean spending more time with an older relative or distant cousin. Whatever your rebuilding process may take, it is worth it. For how can we win the whole world and lose the most precious relationships of our lives? Whether by blood or by adoption, family is family. Your Jerusalem is your family. And when your home is a happy one, your life just seems more complete. 

Rebuilding Our Families will take:

  • Prayer  (Leading of the Holy Spirit)
  • Honesty (Admit where things really are)
  • Humility (It’s not about you. Pride will get you no where.)
  • Teachability (Learn new ways of doing things)
  • Resourcefulness (Read a book, go to a class, do something research on rescuing your relationships)
  • Creativity (Ask God for creative ways you can be a blessing to others in your family)
  • Diligence (You have to keep working at it.)
  • Time  (Quality & Quantity does matter)

Tuesday Night was a rainy night. It was really wet outside. But of course, we weren’t going to cancel. We do what we have to do. As sure as the rains comes, the sun will appear. Praise God! It’s amazing how when you’re doing what you love, the weather doesn’t matter.

We went on with worship and the word for the night. Later we had food and fellowship. It was a blessing. We ate spaghetti and meatsauce with a side of corn and a dinner roll. (Erwin really can cook!) Ms. Ruth made us health conscience and provided the salad. We also packed up about 10 plates for  others who couldn’t be there. Sometimes you have to bring the blessing to them.

At about 8:30, four homeless men came in to get something to eat. I was so happy!! God always sends us His signs that we are doing the right thing. One of the men didn’t want to come in because he didn’t like the way he smelled. We urged him and finally he came in. It’s amazing because I really didn’t smell anything. Sometimes we think we are not dressed right, sometimes we think we don’t smell right but God accepts us as we are. He’s got what it takes to wash the smell off of us. His love covered this brother. Maybe all of that rain outside, washed off the smell so he could come inside. Whatever God did, this brother didn’t have to worry. Love has covered all of our funk.  Maybe the rain was an incovenience for some of us to come out… but these brothers had to sleep outside in the rain. The water was a problem for others but a blessing for my brother. A bath from the Father above. I am so glad it rained that night!! He (the man) was glad that we couldn’t smell him and we really didn’t care how he smelled. We just wanted to give him something to eat. It’s beautiful how our blessings are so close to us and we many times refuse them because we think we’re not good enough, not presentable enough. The good news is that God takes our funky, stinky lives and makes them an aroma of praise to Him. He loves us dirt and all. His Holy Spirit will wash us off, clean us up and make us what He wants us to be.