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Join Us Sundays at 11:30am

Join Us Sundays at 11:30am

Celebrating 300 Weeks of Community Service

PureWater has been serving the community for 4 years, now we’re taking a bigger leap! Launch Week for Champion Church Feb. 17th – 20th

February 17th at 11:30-  Opening Message w/ Tara Alexander

February 18th at 7pm – Pastor Steven Hixon & DCOM

February 19th at 7pm – Women in Ministry Night!!!!  Pastor Laurie Adams (Voice of Truth Ministries), Elder Eileen Johnson (Confront & Conquer)  and Sis Ruth DeBeau (Greater St. Stephen)

February 20th at 7pm – Pastor Antoine Barriere & Household of Faith FWCI


On Tuesday, August 3rd, we were out on the streets!!! It was the annual Night Out Against Crime so we decided to take our outreach outside. It was a blessing to see so many people out on that night. Thank God for the team who helped pray for the homeless and hurting. It was an honor to have the brothers interceding for the men on the streets. It is so good to know men who aren’t afraid to pray and cry with others. They are so genuine. We served about 50 people. Glory to God!!!

Remember we are still needing volunteers to help us on Tuesday Nights!!! We are in Mid-City New Orleans each week. I pray you consider volunteering or sending a financial contribution to help make a difference in somebody’s life. People Still Need the Lord!!!

Tuesday Night was a rainy night. It was really wet outside. But of course, we weren’t going to cancel. We do what we have to do. As sure as the rains comes, the sun will appear. Praise God! It’s amazing how when you’re doing what you love, the weather doesn’t matter.

We went on with worship and the word for the night. Later we had food and fellowship. It was a blessing. We ate spaghetti and meatsauce with a side of corn and a dinner roll. (Erwin really can cook!) Ms. Ruth made us health conscience and provided the salad. We also packed up about 10 plates for  others who couldn’t be there. Sometimes you have to bring the blessing to them.

At about 8:30, four homeless men came in to get something to eat. I was so happy!! God always sends us His signs that we are doing the right thing. One of the men didn’t want to come in because he didn’t like the way he smelled. We urged him and finally he came in. It’s amazing because I really didn’t smell anything. Sometimes we think we are not dressed right, sometimes we think we don’t smell right but God accepts us as we are. He’s got what it takes to wash the smell off of us. His love covered this brother. Maybe all of that rain outside, washed off the smell so he could come inside. Whatever God did, this brother didn’t have to worry. Love has covered all of our funk.  Maybe the rain was an incovenience for some of us to come out… but these brothers had to sleep outside in the rain. The water was a problem for others but a blessing for my brother. A bath from the Father above. I am so glad it rained that night!! He (the man) was glad that we couldn’t smell him and we really didn’t care how he smelled. We just wanted to give him something to eat. It’s beautiful how our blessings are so close to us and we many times refuse them because we think we’re not good enough, not presentable enough. The good news is that God takes our funky, stinky lives and makes them an aroma of praise to Him. He loves us dirt and all. His Holy Spirit will wash us off, clean us up and make us what He wants us to be.