It’s hard to win the world when your own family is not what it should be. I shared last night on how it should be our goal to want our families healed and whole. In the book of Nehemiah, we learn that Nehemiah was 600 miles away from Jerusalem but was saddened by the fact that the walls of the city were not rebuilt. The children of Israel were living in an unfortified city for 100 years. Under Nehemiah’s leadership, inspite of  intense opposition, the walls were rebuilt in 52 days.

Think about it. Just like Nehemiah, our hearts should ache when home is not what it should be. However, many times we think it’s too impossible to rebuild the walls in our families. Our homes may be in ruin but yet we look at the ruins and think that it’s too impossible to fix. Get the Nehemiah attitude. Get one hand on a brick and the other hand on your sword (the Word of God) and get to work on the walls of your family. Don’t let the enemy steal another relationship. Steal another child of yours. Don’t let him wreak havoc in your life. Rebuilding your walls may take an “I’m Sorry” or an “I love you”. Rebuilding your walls may mean spending more time with an older relative or distant cousin. Whatever your rebuilding process may take, it is worth it. For how can we win the whole world and lose the most precious relationships of our lives? Whether by blood or by adoption, family is family. Your Jerusalem is your family. And when your home is a happy one, your life just seems more complete. 

Rebuilding Our Families will take:

  • Prayer  (Leading of the Holy Spirit)
  • Honesty (Admit where things really are)
  • Humility (It’s not about you. Pride will get you no where.)
  • Teachability (Learn new ways of doing things)
  • Resourcefulness (Read a book, go to a class, do something research on rescuing your relationships)
  • Creativity (Ask God for creative ways you can be a blessing to others in your family)
  • Diligence (You have to keep working at it.)
  • Time  (Quality & Quantity does matter)